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Warm White Garden Spotlights

43mm Spotlight

Warm White 3W
43mm Spotlight with 2-Pin Plug


  • Product weight: 0.343kg
  • Product dimensions: 43 × 230 × 43mm
  • Bunnings fineline: 0011671

  Available at Bunnings

75mm Spotlight

Warm White 7W
75mm Spotlight with 2-Pin Plug


  • Product weight: 0.529kg
  • Product dimensions: 123 × 230 × 96mm
  • Bunnings fineline: 0011673

  Available at Bunnings

100mm Spotlight

Warm White 10W
100mm Spotlight with 2-Pin Plug


  • Product weight: 0.743kg
  • Product dimensions: 136 × 230 × 111mm
  • Bunnings fineline: 0011675

  Available at Bunnings

140mm Spotlight

Warm White 15W
140mm Spotlight with 2-Pin Plug


  • Product weight: 1.064kg
  • Product dimensions: 150 × 230 × 150mm
  • Bunnings fineline: 0011678

  Available at Bunnings

Spotlight Starter Kit

Warm White
Spotlight Starter Kit


Package contains:

  • 4 × 2-Pin 43mm Spotlights (SLW433)
  • 1 × 2-Pin 5m Cable (ALCW5)
  • 1 × 2-Pin Socket Bluetooth® Controller (CLBW60)

Spotlight Value Pack

Warm White
Spotlight Value Pack


Package contains:

  • 4 × 2-Pin 75mm Spotlights (SWL757K)

Range Description

  • Dimmable Warm White LED
  • 12V DIY safe installation
  • Die cast aluminium housing
  • IP67 Water Resistant
  • Smartphone controllable via Bluetooth® with the iGardener™ app and the Holman 2-Pin Warm White Controller (sold seperately)
  • Garden spike included

The Holman spotlights are a modern matte black design, have an adjustable light angle and a spike for easy installation into lawn or garden beds.

They feature dimmable warm white light and connect with the Holman Plug & Socket SAFE-T cable system. No electrician is required for installation of these 12V LED lights, which have a low energy consumption for long life use and a high waterproof IP65 rating.

To control the lights on your smartphone via the Holman iGardener app connect them to a Holman Bluetooth LIGHTSOURCE controller, which has a light capacity of 60W. The app allows you to control the lights by varying their intensity, turning them on and off and setting a timer. The Holman Manual LIGHTSOURCE controller is also available for turning the lights on and off manually.


iGardener™ Smartphone App

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