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Warm White Garden Lighting Cables

43mm Spotlight

Warm White
1m 2-Pin Cable with Plug & Socket


  • Product weight: 0.122kg
  • Product dimensions: 250 × 20 × 70mm
  • Bunnings fineline: 0011687

  Available at Bunnings

75mm Spotlight

Warm White
5m 2-Pin Cable with Plug & Socket


  • Product weight: 0.503kg
  • Product dimensions: 480 × 30 × 100mm
  • Bunnings fineline: 0011688

  Available at Bunnings

100mm Spotlight

Warm White
10m 2-Pin Cable with Plug & Socket


  • Product weight: 0.901kg
  • Product dimensions: 555 × 33 × 100mm
  • Bunnings fineline: 0011689

  Available at Bunnings

140mm Spotlight

Warm White
2-Pin Expansion Tee with Plug & Socket


  • Product weight: 0.162kg
  • Product dimensions: 200 × 30 × 100mm
  • Bunnings fineline: 0011694

  Available at Bunnings

Range Description

  • 12V DIY safe installation
  • IP67 Water Resistant
  • Copper conductor material

  Please note that deck lights from a single pack can be placed a maximum of 2 metres apart.

The Warm White Holman Plug & Socket cables feature a 2-pin connection and are suitable for connecting Holman Warm White garden lights. These cables are waterproof with an IP67 water resistance rating.


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