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Light Up Your Garden

Make the most of your garden after sunset with the iGardener™ operated range or manually operated range of garden lighting. The range features Spotlights, Deck Lights, and Path Lights, available in Warm White or RGB Colour.

Setting up your lights is a simple process, as easy as choosing the lights for your garden, and choosing the colour setup for your mood.

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Choose Your Lights

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Choose Your Setup

Lighting Controllers and Transformers

Our Lighting Controllers are the heart of our lighting range. Our smart controllers are operated by a mobile device with innovative technology allowing simple DIY friendly installation.

Cables and Extenders

Build the ultimate lighting setup with our range of cables and extenders, giving you the flexibitlity to plan any arrangement when paired with suitable lights and controllers.

Garden Lighting Videos

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Instruction Manuals

The Lightsource Garden Light Controller is at the heart of our garden light range and is designed for DIY set up.

Our Warm White and RGB Colour smart controllers are operated by a mobile device via Bluetooth® and the Holman iGardener™ app, which is available free on the App Store or Google Play.

You can vary the colour and intensity of your lights and turn them on and off via your smartphone. The Holman Warm White Manual Controller does not require a smartphone to operate and is limited to turning your lights on and off.

To set up Warm White lights you will require a Warm White controller. To set up RGB Colour lights you will require an RGB Colour controller.